I am more convinced than ever that the greatest undeveloped area in believers’ lives today is not their ability to pray or stand in faith or quote God’s Word or resist the devil or walk in love or evangelize or… but it’s being able, when the going gets really tough, to seek and find peace—to locate and access a secret place with Father! …The ability and personal resolve to simply and genuinely set affections on things above, to exercise loving the Lord our God with all heart, soul, mind and strength—to cultivate sanctuary in the midst of the fire.

When under great pressure, most of the church is powerless to seek and find true refuge, to re-focus the desperately distracted heart amidst utterly consuming circumstances—to genuinely worship!

I’m not minimizing other areas that similarly need strengthening … just proposing that while those other subjects are regularly discussed and championed, this area is not only most vital to our foundation, but the most “under the radar” …the most overlooked and foreign.

Really, when embattled, I cannot effectively function in any other aspect of my Christian walk until I’ve crossed this bridge—until I have identified and addressed this core issue. I can’t resist effectively until I re-connected my heart to the “power source.” Truly standing in faith, praying authoritatively and confidently, loving others unconditionally, resting… all are hopeless if the power remains unplugged.

“Father, You will show me the path of life: in your presence is fullness of joy!” Ps.16:11. (Thank you David, it couldn’t be said any better.) Selah. \o/

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