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The Harbor Pilot

 In Thoughts from Dr. Jim

Note: John the Baptist was an utterly unique soul unlike anyone else in the Bible who came on the scene for a brief span of time for a specific & vital task that only one with his unique manner and boldness could accomplish.   

(Though I hesitate to suggest a biblical comparison, the parallel is apparent and compelling)    [This is a paraphrased adaptation formed from the influences of 7 translations of these passages – i.e. a really amplified version (RAV)]

Does this adaptation remind you of anyone?

Matthew 11:7 KJV As John’s disciples were leaving, Jesus began talking about him to the crowds.

:7 RAV What kind of person did you expect him to be in this wilderness? …One weak, spineless, swayed by every wind of suggestion or discussion– by every pole? 8. You expected him to act like a man dressed in expensive clothes and living in a palace, 9. like a leader by your estimation.

10. More than that, he is leading down a new path and charting a new, God ordained course. 11. While his position is great, yet he is, in many ways, like the least person in the empire. 12. This is a day when the new path must be advanced by forceful, intense men and women powerfully blazing this new trail! 13. Before he appeared, for years people have looked forward to this day and present time.

14. Accept him as a trail-blazer, as one needed and expected for this time and season. 15. Hear me carefully and understand. 16. This generation has become like complaining children, 17. ‘…He didn’t dance to our music. He refused to comply as we directed!’

18. He didn’t do things like you wished or were accustomed… and you declared him driven by evil and compelled by vile, evil purposes. 19. Yet, on the other hand, when one came following expected patterns, you accused him of every kind of excess. Wisdom is justified, vindicated and proven right by its results!

Note: A “harbor pilot” maneuvers ships through congested or dangerous waterways – one who boards the ship with the experience to navigate the tight channel or harbor – and then returns the helm to a conventional and customary ship’s captain.   Selah. \o/

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