Apology… (If this is your favorite song)

 In Thoughts from Dr. Jim

When I find a song I enjoy, I tend to listen to it endlessly. I was on my 5th or 6th pass thru one the other day — you know the song — the one about needing a revelation… and not having a clue of what to do …great song – great feel – great hook – well constructed – good band & good music!

While it certainly seemed to capture and articulate things I’ve felt before, as I pondered, a revelation came. It dawned on me—here’s a clue, Jim! It’s like a lamp to my feet, a beacon, a light to my path … and it’s always profitable for correction, instruction, reproof… Wow.

One fairly obvious clue: whenever you pray, a. enter your secret place, b. shut the door, and c. commune with Father! If I accomplish that, Mt.6:6 guarantees me this result: Father will always respond and reward! I mean, it’s not like, “Lord, could You give me a better clue?!”

Don’t get too angry with me. There’s an clear reason why I was listening for the fifth successive time. My “revelation search” was in full stride when the light came on – again. ‘Jim… Jim…, just find the secret place and shut the door!’ Amen! Selah. \o/

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